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Is self-doubt keeping you from your dreams?

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Empowering Black Women

to confidently create a

life that brings you joy!

Give yourself permission to bloom

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4-week online program to get to know yourself better so YOU can create the life YOU desire based on who YOU are and not who you think the world wants you to be.


Series of engagements with a certified professional coach for you to explore your vision and goals in order to design the path for you to optimize performance and achieve your dreams 


Attitudinal assessment to measure how your energy impacts your leadership combined with a personalized session to understand the shifts needed to improve your performance

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4-week online program to expand self-awareness in order to achieve greater outcomes in leading yourself and others

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Customized support for Black Women in leadership, organizations led by Black Women, and organizations that support the development of Black Women in leadership. 


Combine the Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment with a 360 evaluation measuring your performance across 36 different leadership competencies based on observations from raters of your choosing (i.e., family, friends, colleagues)

Blooming Success

“I no longer had clarity on what I wanted to do. There was this sense of emptiness & boredom…I didn’t feel like me anymore. Working with Waneka meant having someone to challenge me & my thoughts. Everything in my life is different now. I’ve changed holistically. ”
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Real Estate Investor
Tavia Edwards
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