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Helping individuals and organizations nurture personal growth for professional success 

How confident are you as a leader?

Expand your leadership capacity

Leadership is not confined to a specific role or job title. It is a mindset, a set of skills, and a way of being that anyone can embody. At its core, leadership is about influencing and inspiring others to achieve a common goal, while also fostering personal growth and positive change. At My Blooming Mind, we are committed to unlocking the leader within you, providing coaching, development programs, and assessments that empower individuals to cultivate their unique leadership abilities. Whether you are seeking personal growth, professional development, or organizational transformation, our services are designed to support you on your leadership journey, no matter who you are or where you are starting from.


Leadership Coaching

Tailored guidance and support to help you unleash your full leadership potential, regardless of your current experience level

Team Building Session

Leadership Development

Workshops, training programs, and facilitation services that focus on developing key leadership competencies and driving positive organizational change


Leadership Assessments

The Energy Leadership Index and Energy Leadership 360, provide valuable insights to guide understanding of strengths and areas of growth

Blooming Success

"I would recommend Waneka as a coach because she helped me refine my skills and mindset as it relates to leadership. She pushed me to engage in thoughtful and meaningful reflection. She also helped me make connections between my personal and professional life. And, in turn, I walked away with the ability to develop better, healthier relationships which is critical for all leaders!"

Adrian Douglas, III
Educator | Podcast Host
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